Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Losing Weight for beginners


You are here because you want to lose weight. I'm glad you are making the choice to change and live a healthier and longer life.
I'm 24 years old
5' 8''
2 Years ago I was over 240lbs.
Now I range around 180-186 and feel great!
I want to share to you REAL experience with the struggle of losing weight and what I have learned.
As you can see the picture of me I'm not super cut or super fit. but i got to where I am. 

Let me first start off to say that losing weight is mostly about mental strength.
Mental strength is how strong your mind is so that you can endure the difficulties in the challenges that are forthcoming your way.  Once you get the mental strength down it will become easy for you to lose those pounds and burn those calories.

Today I will start off with DIETING.

Step 1. DIET
Diet does not basically mean to STOP EATING EVERYTHING THAT IS FATTENING. 
What you eat is your diet. Simple.
If you were to monitor what you eat/drink everyday how would you rate your diet? Healthy? 
For the DIET section of my weight lost, I stopped eating nearly all carbs and took in only complex carbs before NOON.  Lets look at what are GOOD Carbs vs BAD Carbs
Good Carbs - Whole Wheat, Brown Rice, Old Fashion Oat Meal. 
Bad Carbs - White rice, potatoes, french fries, white bread, milk,  etc.... (almost anything that is white)

            Your brain needs carbs to function efficiently therefore We cannot cut out all carbs.
Bad carbs break down too quickly and turn into sugars fast in which is stored into your body and then turns into FAT. Complex Carbs have a longer break down process.  Lets say you were busy with school and work that you couldn't exercise.  Well the complex carbs would still be slowly breaking down that day and would not turn into sugars and fat as fast as the bad carbs.

            I also stopped eating RED MEAT and focused mostly on SKINLESS Chicken, turkey and fish.  I baked all my meats and steamed/boiled all my veggies. Eat small meals and CHEW A LOT. CHEW the food until its like rice porridge in your mouth.  This may sound gross but it helps your body absorb the nutrients better and also tricking your stomach into thinking that you ate a lot of food, in return making you full much quicker.  Stop drinking SODA and JUICES. Soda and juices have TONS OF SUGAR that your body does not need!

A few tips to help improve your diet.

1. Remember how your mind and body feels depends on what you eat.

2. If you eat greasy fatty foods you will become lethargic.

3. DO NOT SATISFY YOUR CRAVINGS. You will crave for them later on and you will likely have more "cheat days."  Stop the craving completely and you will not run into this problem.

4. Drink a lot of water! Not sure how much water to drink?  Take half of how much you weigh and drink that in ounces.  So if you weight 100 lbs, drink 50oz of water daily!      

5. SHOP AND PREP YOUR FOOD.  Most people jump off their diet because they can easily run to down the street and eat fast food.  If you prepare your meal you will eat it.

6. Last but not least.  If it is available you will be more tempted to eat it! Get RID of all the junk food in your house!  Knowing that the big bag of chips is in your pantry does not help you mentally with your diet. GET RID OF IT.

This is all I have for the time being. I will be editing this post for small fixes or to add additional information.
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Thanks and STAY tuned for Workout Routines!

P.S Before and After shot.


Jannet Nguyen said...

Whoa awesome tip about the water ounces! Does this also apply to women?

Nhan said...

Yes it does! These tips can be done by ANYONE.
Thanks for commenting!

I am Judith said...

Cool and helpful facts! Also, if you are active, it's recommended that you drink a little more than half your weight!