Sunday, July 29, 2012

London 2012 Olympic Games Free Streaming

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

CrossFit Day!

Hey Everyone. 

Today was great! 
While at a local school in my area, I was looking around to find things to use for my workout.
I came upon a big tire, a goal stand and  few football equipment.  I used these to my advantage and came up with a obstacle course for myself. 

My obstacle consisted of 
  •  20 shoulder press 
  • Climbing from bottom to top on the goal stand 
  • 10x Tire Flips 
  • Push a football equipment 2 meters 
  • back to 10x Tire flips
  • Climb Down from Top to bottom 
  • 15x shoulder press

The workout was great. I started doing crossfit training and this was the best I came up with.  
It was tough but it worked out great! Try to come up with workouts with things that are around you. This work out burned TONS Of calories. I was putting my whole body to the test. Working out almost every muscle group compared to jogging/running. I just started Crossfit training and I love it. If you have any questions please leave a comment below and I'll be sure to answer! 
 Thanks Please share and spread the word. 
 Remember, Sweat is fat crying. 
 Good luck and keep it up!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Gym time!

Hey guys.

I'm here at he gym that I always go to.
Its great to have a workout buddy so you can motivate each other.
I've noticed that my blog is growing I'm gaining more and more readers everyday.  Thanks you guys.

Please help me grow even more by sharing my blog and tell others. We are all in this together. Ill be posing and fixing some of the posts on here. Thanks again!

Remember, you gotta burn it to earn it!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Running at a school's track.

Hey guys! Sorry its been a long week since I updated.

Today I want to update you on a simple way and place you can do most of your cardio workouts.

I am currently at a local school here and they have an open campus.  Most open campuses allow people to use the track and basketball courts while school is out.  Summer is the best time for that.

So take advantage of it. Give it a try!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Information on Weight Loss.

Weight Loss

I'm fat and I want to lose weight, where do I start?

Very simply put you need to consume fewer calories than you burn. Exercise helps with this, as does taking a dump, but by far the most significant thing you can do is to tweak your diet: eat less and eat better. A few thoughtful members have posted detailed write-ups about losing fat. Those threads are thread 1, thread 2, and thread 3. This thread is a collection of comments from many members of /r/fitness.

What do people look like at different body fat levels? How low do I need to go to see my abs?

I'm overweight and want to start working out. Any suggestions?

There are different ways to approach being overweight. Some suggest cardio, such as distance running, swimming, biking, or any sport that keeps you moving and your heart rate increased for an extended period time. This helps consume calories. Others say lift weights. Learn to squat, deadlift, bench press and overhead press. More muscle means your body needs to burn more calories. Some say combine cardio and weightlifting. There is no consensus on exercise, besides finding something you can commit to.
What is agreed upon, however, is that diet needs to change.

Do I have to change my diet? Can't I just exercise a lot?

Exercise is very good for health, but will only affect the number of calories you burn per day by a few hundred calories, and will also stimulate your appetite. While exercise is certainly a large component of fitness, it is a smaller component of weight-loss itself. For instance, running a mile will burn around a hundred calories, which is less than the caloric content of two oreos. Which is easier: running a mile or not eating two oreos?

I hear diet sodas are fine for you/really bad for you. Should I drink them/stop drinking them?

The general consensus is that zero-calorie sodas have no direct metabolic effects related to carbohydrate consumption; but of course, they may contain other ingredients -- for example, caffeine -- which do have metabolic effects. In short: drinking diet colas appear to be similar to drinking coffee, and as long as you are controlling your diet, there is no scientific evidence strongly indicating negative health consequences any different from drinking coffee.

But I just need to lose some belly fat, how do I do that?

You can't target where you lose fat. This is called "spot reduction" and it doesn't exist. Your genes are responsible for where your body stores fat, and it's the same thing for losing fat. It's pretty much a "first on, last off" type situation, so if the first place get fat is your belly it's probably going to be the last place to lose it. Do the things mentioned above to lower your overall bodyfat percentage and your belly fat will start to go away.

How do I stay out of "Starvation Mode"?

Starvation mode is a myth. It was popularized due to the Minnesota Starvation Experiment in which subjects were given 50% of their daily calorie intake for months. The result? Well, they lost weight until they had almost no weight left to lose and their bodies simply could not get the calories ANYWHERE. Concisely put: starvation mode happens when you are, quite literally, wasting away. Not when you have a simple caloric deficit. Your body will make up for it with fat stores. That's what they're for.

How do I keep track of what I eat?

Probably the easiest was is to use a calorie tracking site. It'll help you keep track of how many calories you eat every day as well as things like carb and protein counts. There are many free sites and some even have apps for iOS and Android. Some of /r/fitness' favorites are My PlateDailyBurn and FitDay.

How many pounds of fat can I lose a week?

That depends on how much body fat you have to begin with. The higher your percentage of body fat, the more fat you'll be able to lose in a week without your body catabolizing (burning) your muscles for energy. The general rule of thumb is to aim for a couple pounds a week. As your body fat percentage gets lower, though, it'll be more difficult to lose fat as quickly as you did when it was higher.
To lose weight, you must use more calories than you take in. Below is a simple way to determine how much of a caloric deficit to aim for.
1) Find the number of calories you need every day at your present activity level (including exercise) just to maintain your present weight. You can estimate this through an online calculator. Or you can studiously track the number of calories you take in every day over a period of, say, 2-3 weeks. Use this to calculate your Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE) (this is sometimes erroneously referred to as your Basal Metabolic Rate -- BMR -- which would be your TDEE if you lay perfectly still in bed for a day).
2) Note that one pound of fat is about 3500 calories. (If you gain/lose weight during the period that you're calculating your TDEE, you can use this equivalent to account for it).
3) To lose 2 lbs (2 lbs = 907 g) a week, you need to run a calorie deficit of 2 lbs (2 lbs = 907 g) * 3500 calories/lb = 7000 calories over that week. That's a calorie deficit of 1000 calories per day. Therefore, you take your TDEE, subtract 1000 calories from it, and that is your average daily calorie target, at which you should expect to lose about 2lbs (2 lbs = 907 g) a week. You may actually be able to lose more than just 2lb (2 lbs = 907 g) a week with this much of a deficit though, because fat stores also cause your body to retain water weight as well.

How fast can I lose fat without losing muscle?

This academic article says that, losing weight by dieting, there is a maximum amount of fat loss your body can endure, before it starts losing muscle too. That amount is 31 calories/day/lb of fat (Note that the author revised this number from 31 to 22 cal an email exchange with Redditor, Chr0me).
Example: If you are 200lbs (200 lbs = 90.7 kg) and 20% bodyfat, you have 40lbs (40 lbs = 18.1 kg) of fat on you. You can run a deficit of 31 calories/day/lbs of fat * 40 lbs (40 lbs = 18.1 kg) of fat = 1240 calories per day, above which you will definitely lose muscle mass. Unless you need to shed muscles, keep your caloric deficit below this limit. If you want a more detailed way to calculate an optimal calorie intake, read this thread.

Is it possible to gain muscle while losing weight?

You need to do away with preconceptions about weight. Just think of what you're saying "gain muscle while losing weight", well gaining muscle is gaining weight, but you'd be gaining lean mass and not fat. A better question would be "Is it possible to gain muscle while losing fat?" Which is absolutely possible and the best option you got A combination of better diet + cardio exercise and weightlifting = gain muscle, lose fat. Again forget about weight, depending on your body type and your current situation you might stay at around the same weight or go down then up, that's not exactly bad as long as you're losing fat and the weight comes from muscle.

How do I measure my body fat?

There are five main methods (in ascending order of accuracy): bioimpedance meters, calipers, hydrostatic weighing/air displacement, DEXA (aka DXA) scan, and MRI. The later three require very expensive, specialized medical equipment and can not be done at home. You can get a volumetric measurement for about $50-100 from a clinic or university (check with the physiology, kinesiology, human performance, sports medicine, or equivalent department) that has a BodPod? or pool. DEXA scan can also be an option, but will typically be more expensive and might be overkill. An MRI is definitely overkill and only used for scientific studies involving body composition.
Calipers can be accurate (and are the cheapest method), but requires that the person conducting the measurements have a lot of experience in order to get an accurate read. Inexpensive plastic calipers can be purchased online and many gyms that offer personal training services will be able to measure you as well.
Bioimpedance meters can be bought for about $30 online and take about five seconds to use. Their accuracy can be all over the map though and is dependent on a lot of things, including your hydration level. If you use it first thing in the morning, it can be a good way to track your relative fat loss progress, but don't put too much faith in the absolute readings. Also: if you do buy one, get a handheld type, the models that are integrated into a bathroom scale are wildly inaccurate.

That's too hard. How can I estimate my body fat by sight?

Some general guidelines for males:
  • 20%+: No visible muscle definition
  • 15-19%: Some muscle separation appears between delts and upper arm. Abs are still not visible.
  • 12-14%: More muscle separation appears particularly in the chest and back, outline of the abs begins to appear slightly.
  • 10-12%: Muscle separations get deeper in the arms, chest, legs and back, and abs appear when flexed.
  • 7-9%: Abs are clearly visible all the time, vascularity in arms is prominent, chest and back separation is obvious, and face is starting to appear more angular. Condition can be held indefinitely.
  • 5-7%: Striations appear in large muscle groups when they are flexed. Vascularity appears in lower abdomen and in the legs. Condition can be held for several days with careful dieting.
  • 3%: Muscles and tendons begin to appear in the face when chewing, striations appear everywhere and vascularity appears everywhere. Subcutaneous water levels are near 0. Condition can only be held for a few hours at a time. Not a healthy condition to stay in due to lower water level.

What about loose skin after weight loss?

You'll probably have it for awhile if you lose a lot of weight, but it really depends on genetics, age and the amount of weight you lose. In many cases your skin will bounce back if taken care of properly. Drink lots of water, get your vitamins, exfoliate your skin daily to promote circulation and use a good lotion with cocoa butter. You should also increase muscle mass which will make the skin appear less saggy, so hit the weights. It does take time, but think of it as a daily reminder of how awesome you are.

Credit to Reddit Fitness

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Daily routine to lose weight burn fat fast!

Hello guys.

Right now I'm at the gym updating this with my phone. To burn fat fast and lose weight I came up with a daily routine I do everyday.
Its simple and anyone can do it!

1. Run/jog 30mins keep a good pace to keep your heart pumping at a moderate speed.
2. Jump rope for 30 mins. This would be a HIIT (high intensity interval training). Keep a moderate speed to keep the heart pumping!

I include these 2 into my daily routine and it works!
The key isto keep the heartbeatig at a around 140-150 bpm.  This will set your body into the burning body fat calorie zone.

What routine do u use daily to burn fat fast? Let me know by commenting below!
Remember maintain that healthy diet and keep exercising!
Good luck!

Friday, June 29, 2012

What is Cardio?


What is "conditioning"?

Conditioning, or Aerobic Conditioning, is training your cardiovascular system pump blood, and thus oxygen, throughout your body better. Conditioning and cardio are generally synonyms, though conditioning is a more accurate term.

If I want to be more conditioned, do I need to run?

Not at all. Running and sprinting are very good ways to condition yourself, but there are many other options. Jump rope (for time) is a classic example. Burpees are also a good choice for conditioning: try doing the maximum number of reps in a given time period, like 10 minutes.

How do I start running?

Try the Couch to 5km (5 km = 3.11 mi) Program (here is the chart), and check out the running subreddit.

Why does running hurt my knees?

You run wrong. Hyper-padded shoes reduce nerve feedback to fool you into heel striking (contacting the ground on the heel with a straight leg). The human leg is amazing. If you jump, you can land nearly soundlessly by bending at 4 different locations: toes, ankle, knee, and hip. All the force is spread out and absorbed by the muscles not the joints. You want this same feeling while running. Run on the balls of your feet, with shorter strides. Yes, it may be slower while your body adjusts, but it will save you all the knee damage. Consider barefoot running, or shoes with less padding.

I want to up my running mileage.

To increase mileage read How to Add Running Mileage Safely to allow your body to get used to the increased load. Never try to lose weight while training for an event, especially half and full marathons.

Why does my skin get itchy when I run?

It's called "exercise-induced urticaria", a milder form of a very serious condition called "exercise induced anaphylaxis". Histamine is a vasodilator, and your vessels dilate to increase blood flow during exercise. If you get too much, too fast, it gets itchy- just like during an allergic reaction. You can take loratidine (Claritin)/cetirizine (Zyrtec) for it before you exercise to decrease the intensity.

Swimming and Cardio

Swimming is highly effective cardio exercise BUT generally only effective for experienced swimmers. For new swimmers, poor technique means uncontrolled breathing and gasping, leading people to believe that they are exercising much harder than they really are, when in fact they are only suffering lack of oxygen. The most important initial step in swimming is to get stroke analysis as a basis for improving the stroke.
A great way to get into swimming for people who are interested is taking adult swimming lessons, then joining a masters (read: 18+ years old) team in your area. Such teams are usually cheap or free and will almost always happily accept swimmers of any skill/experience level. This will allow you to continue to improve your technique, work out with a coach (which is generally more effective than doing it on your own), and give you motivation to get in the water on a regular basis!

What can you tell me about the value of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) or Tabata?

Check out this recent academic article reviewing definitions of HIIT and its benefits. If you are interested in starting a HIIT sprinting program, here is a website which describes a novice program. Some good threads can be found here and here and here.

Call credit goes to Reddit Fitness Thanks Reddit!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Losing Weight for beginners


You are here because you want to lose weight. I'm glad you are making the choice to change and live a healthier and longer life.
I'm 24 years old
5' 8''
2 Years ago I was over 240lbs.
Now I range around 180-186 and feel great!
I want to share to you REAL experience with the struggle of losing weight and what I have learned.
As you can see the picture of me I'm not super cut or super fit. but i got to where I am. 

Let me first start off to say that losing weight is mostly about mental strength.
Mental strength is how strong your mind is so that you can endure the difficulties in the challenges that are forthcoming your way.  Once you get the mental strength down it will become easy for you to lose those pounds and burn those calories.

Today I will start off with DIETING.

Step 1. DIET
Diet does not basically mean to STOP EATING EVERYTHING THAT IS FATTENING. 
What you eat is your diet. Simple.
If you were to monitor what you eat/drink everyday how would you rate your diet? Healthy? 
For the DIET section of my weight lost, I stopped eating nearly all carbs and took in only complex carbs before NOON.  Lets look at what are GOOD Carbs vs BAD Carbs
Good Carbs - Whole Wheat, Brown Rice, Old Fashion Oat Meal. 
Bad Carbs - White rice, potatoes, french fries, white bread, milk,  etc.... (almost anything that is white)

            Your brain needs carbs to function efficiently therefore We cannot cut out all carbs.
Bad carbs break down too quickly and turn into sugars fast in which is stored into your body and then turns into FAT. Complex Carbs have a longer break down process.  Lets say you were busy with school and work that you couldn't exercise.  Well the complex carbs would still be slowly breaking down that day and would not turn into sugars and fat as fast as the bad carbs.

            I also stopped eating RED MEAT and focused mostly on SKINLESS Chicken, turkey and fish.  I baked all my meats and steamed/boiled all my veggies. Eat small meals and CHEW A LOT. CHEW the food until its like rice porridge in your mouth.  This may sound gross but it helps your body absorb the nutrients better and also tricking your stomach into thinking that you ate a lot of food, in return making you full much quicker.  Stop drinking SODA and JUICES. Soda and juices have TONS OF SUGAR that your body does not need!

A few tips to help improve your diet.

1. Remember how your mind and body feels depends on what you eat.

2. If you eat greasy fatty foods you will become lethargic.

3. DO NOT SATISFY YOUR CRAVINGS. You will crave for them later on and you will likely have more "cheat days."  Stop the craving completely and you will not run into this problem.

4. Drink a lot of water! Not sure how much water to drink?  Take half of how much you weigh and drink that in ounces.  So if you weight 100 lbs, drink 50oz of water daily!      

5. SHOP AND PREP YOUR FOOD.  Most people jump off their diet because they can easily run to down the street and eat fast food.  If you prepare your meal you will eat it.

6. Last but not least.  If it is available you will be more tempted to eat it! Get RID of all the junk food in your house!  Knowing that the big bag of chips is in your pantry does not help you mentally with your diet. GET RID OF IT.

This is all I have for the time being. I will be editing this post for small fixes or to add additional information.
If you find my article helpful please subscribe, share and comment below.
If you have any questions go ahead and comment below

Thanks and STAY tuned for Workout Routines!

P.S Before and After shot.